Auto Services

Auto Services

We will document all phases of the process and communicate with you so you are never in the dark. Your car will be returned to you clean and in pre-accident condition.

You will be so happy with us that we beg you not to crash your car on purpose for another good experience!

We work with all insurance companies and are conveniently located across from the North Myrtle Beach High School in Little River, South Carolina.


If you come to Collision Masters for an estimate we will inspect your car and document all the visible damage. This can be an accurate estimate for you or be given to an insurance company. We also document the damage with digital photos and can forward them to you and/or your insurance company.

If you bring an insurance estimate to us we will review it with you. If additional damage is discovered we will contact the insurance company for authorization to repair it as well.


Once you have signed the repair authorization we will disassemble the damaged parts and reinspect your car for any hidden damage. If additional damage is found we contact the responsible party for authorization and repair it along with the original damage.

If the unibody is damaged we realign it back to the factory specifications. There is no need to worry about suspension problems, alignment, and panels not fitting.

Everything on the estimate is done to 100 percent completion for your satisfaction. Please remember that we are working for you the customer not the insurance company.

If your car receives an alignment we will provide you with the before and after printouts of the wheel specifications.

Trained & Tested
Our technicians are seasoned professionals. Many have worked in the industry for more than 15 years. They know YOUR car and they’re trained and tested on each type of repair.

Management Software
We use advanced software to track every aspect of your job. We know which parts have been ordered, and the status of all repairs.

Original Factory Parts
We do not cut corners with your car. When you come to Collision Masters your car will be rebuilt with the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) parts whenever possible.

Specialized Tooling
Collision Masters has invested thousands of dollars purchasing specialized equipment and tooling for high-end vehicles.

Precise Frame Realignment
We carefully measure reference points to make sure your car conforms to the factory specifications. If anything is out of alignment by even 1 millimeter, we’ll know! We then use special equipment to straighten the frame or unibody of your car. You’ll SEE the difference! When your car leaves Collision Masters the doors and trunk lids will close with precision. Every part, every panel will be aligned the same way it was when your car left the factory.


A Great Finish Starts With Great Materials
Collision Masters has invested in the Spies Hecker line of DuPont Automotive Finishes. Modern paint technologies like high solid clears and waterborne basecoat from DuPont are environment-friendly and enable Collision Masters to deliver optimum quality.

Collision Masters refinishes any and all parts as close to the factory methods as possible. We use colors that are specifically mixed on location to match your exact car color.

Factory Original Paint Job
To achieve the remarkable results we deliver at Collision Masters, all necessary glass and trim are removed prior to painting. All new parts are completely sprayed off of the car so as to reproduce the factory new look. We also replace sound deadening and rust proofing to ensure a quality repair like the original panels from the factory. Colors are computer blended to precisely match existing colors. The result is a factory original paint job that leaves no traces that work was ever done.

If necessary we will polish the finish to match the original appearance. Our paint and workmanship has a limited lifetime guarantee for as long as you own your car.


Collision Masters sub-contracts with Black’s Tire and Auto Services to bring you skilled technicians dedicated to helping you with a full wheel alignment.